Dr. Mangesh Raut

Dr. Mangesh RautPh.D (Photography), MFA, BFA, Dip.A.Ed, CG Artist.

Dr. Mangesh Raut is the first commercial photographer in India to be awarded with Ph.D. in Photography. Armed with a B.F.A. and M.F.A. Degree from Nagpur University, he is well known in the field of Fine Art Technical Higher Education. He was an Ex. Faculty of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai and Govt. College of Art & Design, Nagpur. He frequently gets invited to speak at many Seminars and Workshops. His specialty is that the way he has professional skills in photography, with the same professional skills he can teach his students. This is really a rare combination. Teaching and Professional work, this dual combination skill brightens his personality. During his free time he also likes to do research based experiment with the conceptual photography and explores his thoughts and ideas.

After completing his graduation, he worked with a few renowned photographers in Mumbai. Since 2006 he has been running his own institute “WORKSTATION STUDIO”, Nagpur, where he has been teaching and training students in the field of Computer Graphics: Graphic Design, Audio-Video Editing, 3D Animation & Visual-FX and Professional Photography & Cinematography.

He professionally shoots for Advertising, Fashion, Tabletop, Interior and Fine Art Photography. All of his students get a chance to assist him on commercial shoots which gives them practical working knowledge of real client projects. Many of his students after gaining knowledge are now well settled all over India in various designs & photography industries.